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Status Future consideration
Created by Deleted User
Created on Feb 26, 2019

Allow me to dismiss the new feature announcement and select 'read later'

Each week when there is a new feature, the banner is on my screen. Many times, I want to read it, but have to do something else first. I would like to be able to select 'read later' and have the link to the new announcement saved.

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  • Skip Gorski
    Sep 25, 2019

    At a minimum, can you make the notification popups moveable? Currently, the popups cover the buttons in the upper right-hand corner of the page. This makes it impossible to perform many tasks until after the popup is closed. That forces me to either read it immediately (which I generally don't have time to do) or close it before I can read it. Being able to snooze, move, or archive those notifications I want to explore further would go a long way to improving the overall Aha experience!