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Status Future consideration
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Created on Jan 29, 2021

New Feature In App Announcement Widget

Similar in implementation to the recently released feedback widget that would not be for feedback, but one way broadcast of new features/capabilities to the users of our product, within our product. Aha users would create the content within that ultimately get's posted to the announcement widget implemented within our tool via a js snippet and be configurable to be as minimally intrusive as possible when inert, but popup or light up (or both optionally) when a new announcement is available. The widget would be generally theme-able (logo, header or background colors, profile image of poster, name or alias of poster) would enable HTML content especially images/gifs/video clips and could have a section to view previous announcements and link out to more information. It would NOT be automatically tied to broadcasting content within a release—would want more control than even a section of a release devoted to this, as I would want to launch it to customers on demand and not as a function of "shipping a release" where possible.

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  • Sophia Papadopoulos
    Mar 22, 2024

    There's a myriad of tools out there that do this, but being able to do this from within the Aha ecosystem would be excellent. Not least because users could include a lot of info that already exists (in releases, release notes, epics, features etc.)


Ability to deploy in-app notifications and guided tours when new features are released or other announcements are required.

When I log into Aha! I often see pop-ups informing me of new or pending features, upcoming webinars, etc. I’ve seen several providers who specialize in in-app notifications, guided tours, etc. (Pendo, Intercom, etc.) It would be nice to be able to...
David Barber about 1 year ago in Product 0 Future consideration