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Status Future consideration
Created by Heath McCarthy
Created on Aug 9, 2020

Integration to Azure DevOps for teams capacity planning

We would like to use Points based capacity planning but it needs to be integrated with (in our case) Azure DevOps which is where the team is committed to and working on work. All of our Features and Master Features (Epics) in Aha are calculated based on work delivered as requirements (ie. PBIs in ADO). Points tell us what the team is doing (velocity) helps us plan given their capacity and allows us to predict when Epics and Features can be slotted since they (in Aha and ADO) are estimated by PMs.

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  • Guest
    May 11, 2021

    This integration would be very helpful to our company as well. Most of our work is carried out in DevOps, and we use Aha to strategically plan and report up our status to executive management. In most cases, our Scrum Masters are managing DevOps, and our Product Owners are managing strategy and reporting in Aha. We want visibility into capacity planning, but it only makes sense for us to do this work in one system. Ideally, the Scrum managers would be managing this in DevOps and we could carry it over into Aha.

  • Gary Fitzgerald
    Jan 28, 2021

    We also would like this to integrate with Jira which is where the team is committed to work and logs time spent. Also some support activities are only in Jira and must be factored into the available capacity.

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