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Status Future consideration
Created by Deb Gay
Created on May 8, 2019

Keep features in sync when they cross areas in Azure DevOps

This is useful when you have your DevOps areas configured by team. Once the features are pushed from Aha! to DevOps and evaluated by the team they need to be moved into the area for the appropriate team. Any team can work on any feature based on available capacity so a feature could move between areas more than once as well.

Without this capability we cannot run our agile team environment - we are not going to know which team's area a feature needs to be pushed to, making Aha! very difficult to use for these teams.

This could also be across products as well, we have a product line with multiple products, all the scrum teams can work on all the products in the product line so we would also potentially be moving a feature from one product in Aha! to any area in DevOps.

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Allow moving features to different area paths in Azure Dev Ops without having to reset the integration

For organizations that have multiple teams (in ADO) working on multiple products (in AHA!), deleting and resetting the integration in Aha can become burdensome. In addition, there isn't a way to tell which links need to be relinked, and which ones...
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