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Status Future consideration
Categories Search
Created by Sam Banks
Created on May 29, 2020

Prioritize search results with exact matches

Using a real example:

We have a single idea in our system with the word "Tagging" in its title.

Entering the word "Tagging" into the search bar results in a large array of results where the partial match "tag" features somewhere in the item (e.g. in the description or in a comment).

The only result with an exact match to the search term (in its title) features much further down the results list, seemingly prioritized at random.

This makes items very difficult to locate, and seems to only have become an issue since the introduction of new search functionality.

Ideally search results would be prioritized such that exact matches are shown first. Also the match being contained in an item's title ought to have some prioritization weight vs where the match is contained in a secondary field.


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