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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories Search
Created by Camie T
Created on Oct 10, 2017

Provide the ability to set search results to display items as a distinct list (1 result per unique feature, idea, etc.)

Currently, the search results may list multiple instances of the same item (i.e. feature) on the search details page. This occurs when searching for text and that text is included in multiple fields on the item.

As an example, "allergies" is entered in the summary field and the description field of a feature. When I search for "allergies" the same feature will be listed twice in the search results. This causes the search results to become clogged, clunky, and, at times, useless. A considerable amount of time is spent scanning the search results only to find out I've scanned the same issue multiple times.

The improvement is to allow the user to check a box on the search results details page which will then reduce the number of items in the search results to only display 1 instance per unique item (or uncheck to show all matches). In my above example, 1 instance would show for the feature, not two when checked.

Additionally, there should be a user preference setting where the user can choose to have the search results default to "All matches" or "Limited to one instance" so that users like myself who only want to see one instance of an item in the search results don't have to check a box on the search results details page every time.

    Jul 22, 2022

    Thank you for the idea. It is unlikely that we will implement specific changes in this area in the near term. However, there are some tips that can make searching easier, such as leveraging the filters on the search results page and using specific search syntax. This support article outlines these options in more detail.

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