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Status Future consideration
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Created by Guest
Created on Mar 4, 2022

Improve the order of search results / Favorites for all record types to simplify searching

When using the search function - sometimes you have to use such generic words that the result list of your search can be very long. A lot of these records that are found are not even touched regularly and you may not touch them for months or years. Maybe they're more or less "archived". Still they can pop up at the very top of the result list, I'd say.

It would be great if, in addition to filter for record type, I could use some sort of favorite functionality for records. This would then behave as: In a search, put every record, that has been marked as a favorite in any search, on top of the result list.

An alternative was to provide a smarter algorithm for search results, e.g. order by the number of times, records have been opened, when they appeared in a search within the last 100 day or so..

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