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Created by Tiago Sousa
Created on Aug 8, 2019

Make aha more responsive

I use aha a lot during meetings. I'm presenting ideas to people, and often changing them on the fly based on their input. That consists of creating new features, convert some to master features, changing status and to so on. I touch most of everything that is available on the features board. The thing is, often aha takes more than 3 seconds to respond per request. And while this doesn't seem much, If I'm changing the status from 10 features, that alone will take 3 seconds to go into the feature, 3 seconds to change the status, 3 seconds to go back to the master features. That's over a minute and a half, just for the first master feature. 

So.. it would be great if aha could be made faster. From leveraging local or remote cache to getting geo-distributed servers so that they are closer to the clients, making aha "realtime" would greatly improve the quality of life for its daily users. 

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  • Admin
    Austin Merritt
    Aug 9, 2019

    Hi there! Thank you for reaching out with this feedback. It would be very helpful if you could email with a specific example of a slow request (e.g. user X loaded feature ABC-123 at 12:00 Eastern). You can also reference this idea for more background.

    This will give us a way to check the logs and understand what is causing the slowness and find any possible solutions. Thank you!