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Categories Ideas portal
Created by Hannah Jackson
Created on Jul 12, 2019

Fix text formatting of ideas form & enable customization

The title, title subtext, description, and description subtext as well as categorical fields do not have the same text font size.  


Secondly, in order for idea portal creators to ensure that there is uniform consistency across all the fields on their form, it would be ideal to be able to customize the font style/size on all form fields - not just the customized ones.

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  • Hannah Jackson
    Jul 12, 2019

    Hi Nathan, Yes, I know that we can make modifications with CSS, but that should not negate the necessity to change the default UI to have consistent text font/size for the default fields in the form.  I actually submitted a ticket with support, and they recommended that I submit an Idea even thought they agreed that the format should be consistent.

  • Admin
    Nathaniel Collum
    Jul 12, 2019

    Thank you for sharing this idea. If someone on your team is knowledgable in CSS and JavaScript, it may be possible for you to achieve the customizations you outlined above - see this article for more info. At this time, we don't yet have a simple way of setting this.