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Created on Jul 14, 2016

Customize Idea Submission Template

What is the Problem?

Every time an employee submits a problem to us through the ideas portal, we have to re-format it to fit this template.

Why Fix it Now?

Re-formatting takes up ~5% of daily work for 1 FTE 

When Will the Problem be Considered Solved?

  • Ideas Portal can be configured to require users answer these four questions (may already exist with custom fields)
  • We can configure these four questions to display in this order, when viewing the submissions in the admin

Success Metric

FTE hours saved

    Jul 14, 2016

    You can customize the idea submission template using the Terminology section in the idea portal configuration. To add some more text to the idea description submission box edit the "Why is it useful, who would benefit from it, how should it work?" box. Note that you can use HTML here to include formatting.

    You could also use custom fields if you want the information to be more structured and not just entered in to the text field.

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  • Guest
    Jul 14, 2016

    This does not provide sufficient customization for what we would like. 


    Changing the terminology lets us receive answers for 2 of the questions, as you can configure 2 fields. 

    And when adding custom fields, these show up in an odd order when viewing the submission in the admin. 


    For example, we configure the terminology to be 'Whats the Problem', and 'Why Should It Be Solved Now'. And we add custom fields for 'When Would It Be Considered Solved', and 'Success Metric'

    However - the first two fields will be merged together in the main admin text box. And the two custom fields appear above this text box in the admin. So you read 'when would it be considered solved', before you know what the problem is.