Agile Affinity Story Pointing for Features

We currently manage our work between the product manager/owner in Aha and transition to Jira for development and tracking is Agile/Scrum. We either print out the features as cards we can play with in a room, or we enter them into Excel or another app to virtually set story points, then we enter those points into the Aha Feature until we prioritize into Jira. It would be great if in Aha you can create an interface to allow the drag and drop of features into affinity groups, almost like the Features board, but with the express purpose of assigning story points to all features in a product including parking lot stories. 

It would not impact the features board or timelines, it would only be for story point assignment. a filter for show completed would be great to, so the team can see what was completed and the story points they had assigned. and show the start and end date to see if the initial story point was assigned correctly and can be used to learn and become more accurate in future story point activities.

  • Steve Podzamsky
  • Jun 24 2019
  • Future consideration
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  • Jennifer Miller commented
    June 24, 2019 17:46

    Agree! this would be a huge improvement for efficiency across teams, to better manage and communicate status for projects.