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Created on Jul 20, 2021

Jira Task fields integration / sync-ed with AHA!

In Jira there are multiple types of issues in an EPIC with Story points:

  1. User Stories for development and will be released into Production

  2. Tasks for all items that is not released in Production (documentation, support, investigations, etc.)

  3. Bugs etc. this request is not applicable for these

All of them, can have Story Points.
To track the real and complete progress of EPIC (and a Feature), also Jira Tasks need to be integated/linked and made available in AHA!.
The Task fields are similar to the User Story fields. (in ODIS backlog, maybe good to check with BAAT for other backlogs)

PS: this request is only for Task, not for sub-task or Bug! Also not for Tasks as part of a User Story)

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  • Admin
    Austin Merritt
    Jul 23, 2021

    Thank you for your idea. It is currently possible to map Jira Tasks with Aha! records. You would need to specify a record within Aha! to map to. For example, you mentioned mapping epics, so you may want to map features to tasks. This article explains integration mapping configuration in more details. Thanks!