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Created by Leslie ORegan
Created on Dec 26, 2023

Create a Feature Level of Tracking & tie to JIRA

Who would benefit?

All Product & Project managers who need an additional level of organization to do "feature" level releases. This is especially useful since we train & speak to feature level releases in Agile framework & have no actual documented features in any of our systems.

What impact would it make?

Better organization, communication, decreased training time and more well rounded & complete code deployment

How should it work?

Epic > Feature > Story should be the hierarchy in JIRA and AHA so that we can organize them. Be able to tie stories to features and features to epics. Don't remove the ability to tie stories to epics, but add a feature level connection for better release & control of work being done

Then this should be able to be connected to the same layout of functionality in JIRA

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  • Admin
    Chrissi McNamara
    Dec 27, 2023

    Thank you for your idea. Customers typically map Aha! epics to Jira epics, Aha! features to Jira stories and Aha! requirements to Jira sub-tasks when they want visibility into three levels of records. You can read more about our recommended Jira mappings here. Our Customer Success team can also make recommendations for your specific scenario if you reach out via