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Status Future consideration
Categories Capacity planning
Created by Reilly O'Connor
Created on Jan 29, 2024

Add ability to report on named range value

Who would benefit?

Teams using capacity planning for teams, planning with named ranges (e.g. t-shirt sizes)

What impact would it make?

Today, I am only able to report on the specific estimate associated with a record, not the named range value that accompanies it. For example, I have a scenario where named range "L" corresponds to a certain number of hours. I've set my risk tolerance to moderate so the hourly estimate the system gives me is right in the middle of the range. This is great to be able to report on (e.g. "15 hours") but I'd also like to display the named range value ("L") in a report. This would help me understand the approximate size at a glance, and would also help me report on the sizes that comprise a given release or PI (for example, to know that a specific release contains x number of small pieces of work but y number of large pieces of work).

How should it work?

I'd like to have two separate data columns to include in a report, one that includes the named range value only and one that includes the specific estimate only, and be able to include one or both in a single report.

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  • Lorena Connolly
    May 9, 2024

    I agree this would be helpful. We want to show the Size on reports, as well. Right now, we will need to keep both our custom Size field and have folks enter the estimate. It would be awesome to do away with the custom size field altogether.