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Status Future consideration
Categories Capacity planning
Created by Max Robbins
Created on Jun 14, 2024

Support named ranges with points as the base unit

What is the challenge?

Named ranges require users to set ranges corresponding to time estimates. However, many teams use points as their common way of estimating. T-shirt sizes will correspond to a range of points. Points are also what come back as a detailed estimate.

If I use a named range for initial estimates and my detailed estimates are in points, I cannot look at the best estimate in a capacity report because time and points cannot be directly compared like this. It requires I use separate scenarios to visualize my initial estimate capacity and detailed estimate capacity, and this is hard to use.

What is the impact?

Hard for teams who use points to also use named ranges for t-shirt size estimates. They lose all ability to analyze plans by best estimate - its either initial estimate only or detailed estimate only.

Describe your idea

When setting a named range, be able to set the base unit as points and add ranges as point values.

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