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Categories Capacity planning
Created by Eve Laren
Created on Sep 5, 2023

Capacity planning unit to support T Shirt Size

Please add an additional unit of "T Shirt Size" to support capacity planning. When planning for a longer time horizon (e.g. annual planning), using story points, people or hours is not sufficient. We estimate initiatives & epics using T Shirt Sizing and need that to be accounted for in capacity planning.

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  • Brian Zirbes
    Nov 30, 2023

    This would be great, we are looking to use Jira -> Aha integration to support conversion of T-Shirt size conversion to number of Days in Aha.

    Since the value in Jira is text based (not numerical) if there was a way we can setup a conversion factor that says:

    • Extra small = X days

    • Small = X days

    • Medium = X days

    • Large = X days

    • Extra Large = X days

    That would be great. This also pairs well with the ability to integrate an estimate to the Initial Estimate into Aha.