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Status Future consideration
Categories Epic
Created by Donald Hebert
Created on Jan 2, 2024

Prevent users from inadvertently moving Features' workspace

Who would benefit?

Our company's 750+ workspaces

What impact would it make?

If not resolved, this can cause damage, manual work to re-create Aha! <> Jira integrations, and work becoming out of sync between the two.

How should it work?

We often have Aha Features that are connected to Aha Epics in other/multiple workspaces. If an Epic is moved to a different release in the board view then we get the attached modal.

If an untrained/unaware user who means well (we have thousands of users) checks the box, then any Features, regardless of workspace, will be moved to the originating Release's workspace. All underlying Features (except shipped ones possibly), that have been relocated into that workspace, have their Aha-Jira integrations broken.

We would request Aha! provide the capability to hide this modal altogether - possibly at the account level. If there are other unknown workflows (we are not aware of any) that could create this behavior outside the board view, we would like them resolved as well.

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