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Status Future consideration
Categories Application
Created by Keith Murphy
Created on Dec 21, 2023

Better automations management and reporting

Who would benefit?

Workspace admin & users

What impact would it make?

improve reliability and documentation

How would it work?

Allow the extraction of metadata detailing existing automations

By providing an endpoint or similar option to output the details of automations administrators could better document and evaluate current state of their workspace(s) setups. We have several automations in place which create todos for specific users depending on the US state impacted - in many cases all states are impacted so we have up to 50 automations firing in some cases. it's difficult to keep track of these and ensure no conflicts. it's also important for us to ensure that the right people are targeted and that this list is kept up to date.

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Run Report for Category Assignment Automation Rules

Want to see/share a list of all the assignment automation rules so assignees know what they are signed up respond to. Today I'm manually documenting and sharing in spaces however data is stale when things change.
Laura Giles about 4 years ago in Application 3 Future consideration