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Status Future consideration
Categories Integrations
Created by Sandy Teenan
Created on Dec 19, 2023

Activity Webhook optionally send full json

Who would benefit?

Anyone who wants to send an audit record of full item state on change

What impact would it make?

Default should remain only changed columns to avoid making this a breaking change. Full state will obviously generate a larger payload.

How should it work?

On creation of an activity webhook, there would be an option to choose what payload to send. Default should remain only changed columns.

The changes array could remain if "Full" is selected, simply adding another field containing the full JSON state would meet this need.

This would allow generic audit of full state for regulatory purposes.

Without the ability to send current full state, downstream applications have to perform complex, recursive JSON merges to generate that state.

Microsoft Azure Devops webhooks allow Full, Minimal or None. This provides the option for the user to choose the case that best suits their needs,

An additional benefit is that an activity webhook can be defined at the account level, negating the need to manage multiple workspace level integrations to accomplish this need.

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