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Created on Nov 9, 2023

Customer interview snippets linked to research

Who would benefit?

PM's doing product discovery

What impact would it make?

I love the new capability to link notes to items through the research tab. This has brought so much more of our collaboration together in Aha (though allowing non account holders to create notes as well as edit them would be SO much better). But having to wade through a long customer interview to find the section that is relevant to that specific epic/feature etc is time consuming and means it doesn't get the value it might otherwise.

How should it work?

I could imagine a scenario where you open an interview note, highlight a statement or quote and link it to another artifact in Aha like an Epic or Feature. On the research tab, it would show a list of those snippets as a section so you could quickly get the value from all the content without having to dive into every interview and find the relevant section. You could then link from the research tab directly to that part of the interview when you open it.

This could also work with attached documents (show the snippet and link to the file, page number or similar), websites (with link to site) etc. JIRA Discovery has done some interesting things in this space from an initial look, but would love to see this kind of capability in Aha.

I'm considering looking at something like Dovetail to better manage our interviews, but something like this in Aha would probably keep all my interviewing and research in Aha rather than looking for another solution.

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  • Admin
    Kelly Sebes
    Nov 10, 2023

    Thanks! This is a great idea and something we are considering for the future.