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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories Search
Created by Gary Spencer
Created on Apr 22, 2016

Search results should link to the slide-in feature card, not the detail view

When I'm searching for something, I often want/need to take a quick peek at a particular feature or requirement because I'm not sure if its the one I'm looking for without some more detail. Often, I pick the wrong search result and have to hit the back button to return to the search results to try again.

Instead, it would be more efficient (in my opinion, anyway ;) to slide in the feature in the same way as clicking a feature on the feature>board.

    Apr 22, 2016

    Thank you for the note. We agree that oftentimes the slide-in feature card is a better view when you want to take a quick look at an item (and then return back to the search results you are working through). Currently, we already open as many of these in drawers as we can. However, there are many complexities in doing so with requirements or comments, where it is not possible to do so.

    While I'm sure that you're aware, perhaps opening it in a new tab can help as a workaround (to keep your search results open). Thank you again for the note and we hope you can understand why we're not able to make additional improvements in this area.

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