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Created by Terence Osmeña
Created on Aug 14, 2023

Add external documents to Research Tab

JTBD: Link relevant external (outside of Aha!) documents to a record in Aha! so that I can keep information organised in one place.

Problem: I have many external (outside of Aha!) documents that are used throughout the discovery, design, and implementation process that can be related or relevant to an Aha! record but it's hard to easily access, keep track, and organise these documents

Impact: I have to use manual and existing prior knowledge of what these documents are, where they are stored, and how I access them if I'm dealing with a specific Aha! record during research, planning, and design. This requires increased mental capacity/effort, creates a higher likelihood of error (i.e. miss a document), and may cause rework for me to context switch if a stakeholder or Aha! user asks for more context when I'm working on something else.


  1. Reduce the time it takes to access relevant/related external documents related to an Aha! record

  2. Reduce the time/effort it takes to get context for an Aha! record

    1. Increase the ease of use of organisation

    2. Reduce the time to access

    3. Allow stakeholders/users within Aha! to self-serve

  3. Reduce errors and rework

    1. Stakeholders such as designers, marketers, operations, sales folk have the correct information/context they need to perform their tasks

    2. PM is no longer the information gate keeper

    3. PM does not have to context-switch to answer stakeholder queries

Proposed solution: Provide a way to link to external documents within the Research Tab of an Aha! record

    Nov 3, 2023

    Great idea! A solution that works well for us is to add a note in the Research tab, named like "Customer research". In that note we can include links to reports and analytics, as well as summarize our findings. A similar approach could also work well for linking to other external resources.

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