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Created by Brian Trombley
Created on Oct 31, 2022

Make it easier to capture and track Organization-specific customer notes

Our PMs talk to customers all the time. We want to use Aha for basic CRM such that anytime one of us talks to an organization, we capture an indexed, searchable note for that customer detailing who, what, when, and topics. Maybe we're interviewing about a specific new enhancement, so we could tag these notes against relevant epics, features, etc. Later, when viewing a given (say) epic, we could see all the org/customer notes that were associated with it. This isn't extending existing Notes, more about orienting notes directly to Organizations.

We've built something approximating this using custom tables within Organizations, but it's clunky. We can tag epics, features, and such within a given customer note, but when you view the (say) epic, it doesn't show up as a related item.

Rough flow:

  • I have a call with Customer X, so I open Aha to that Organization.

  • I can look through previous notes that other PMs have had with Customer X, including details of who they met with and what they said.

  • I talk to the customer and capture notes on the conversation in a unique note. I tag this note to Feature A and Feature B since they have interesting feedback on that.

  • Later I open Feature A and see this as one of several customer notes PMs have taken that are relevant.

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  • Admin
    Kelly Sebes
    Nov 3, 2022

    Hi Brian, that definitely makes sense. Thank you for the well thought out suggestion, as usual. We are actively considering making improvements in this area and will keep this idea up-to-date.

  • Brian Trombley
    Nov 2, 2022

    Thanks, Kelly, we always appreciate your input. The challenge we've had with using existing Notes comes down to how notes are organized. Notes fall within a given workspace, which is hard to handle across disparate PM groups who don't all have permissions to the same workspaces. In the model I described above, the "top level" thing is the customer/organization, not the workspace where the note exists. Make sense?

  • Admin
    Kelly Sebes
    Nov 2, 2022

    Thanks for this idea. It's great that your PMs talk to customers often and we want to support that!

    While it isn't the full solution you are suggesting, we did recently enable linking notes to organizations and contacts.

    For example, we personally:

    • Use a template for our customer call notes and organize them in folders within the product workspace

    • We link those notes to the customer organization and relevant features and ideas we are discussing

    • We can then see these notes from the organization's Related tab, same as with features or ideas

    We'll consider further building out this PM-CRM in our future roadmap.