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Categories To-dos
Created by Ian Babelon
Created on Oct 19, 2023

Enable to close To-do from View 'To-do details' ('X' button not working)

Who would benefit?

Every user who uses To-do

What impact would it make?

  1. Consistent user interface feature: the feature actually works

  2. Save 5-10 seconds every time I view, edit, and close a To-do in View > To-do details mode

How should it work?

The user interface displays a 'X' close button which does not close the To-Do to go back to the overview list of to-dos. Basically, the feature should work because it is displayed.

Furthermore, the user interface is minimalist, so user expectations are that whatever features being displayed should actually work. Viewing To-do details is fantastic to enable a distraction-free view of a single to do, in order to view and edit its content. Closing the To-Do after viewing and editing just be just as smooth.

Currently, the only work-around is to click on one's profile and go to 'My work', which involves 2 steps including some thinking to get back to the To-Do.

I attach a mock-to do to illustrate the point, as I live in Yorkshire, England. The Tour de Yorkshire is worth looking into, as per Aha!'s Fredwin mock templates and themes! 🚴🏼

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  • Ian Babelon
    Oct 25, 2023