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Created on Oct 6, 2017

Enhance To-do's

Some enhancements for to-do's:

  • If a to-do is created directly (i.e. created outside a feature/initiative/...), it would be useful to be able to subsequently associate that with a particular feature/initiative/... without having to create another todo
  • Being able to associate a to-do with multiple different features would be useful
  • Ability to report all open to-do's, including those not linked with a feature, so that ongoing work can be tracked hierarchically would be useful
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  • Moiz Muhammad
    Jan 30, 2019

    This would be a huge help, especially the reporting capability. 

  • Scott Fournier
    Nov 7, 2018

    This would be very helpful for my organization

  • Michael Aoki
    Jan 17, 2018

    This would make the to-do so much more powerfull!

  • Daniel Haisley
    Dec 13, 2017

    Yes, please!!