Make To-Do's a "first class feature" in Aha!

This idea encompasses a big picture echoed in a number of idea requests.


The To-Do' feature in Aha! really seems to be an afterthought compared to the other record types in Aha! such as Goals, Initiatives, Features etc. Specifically

As noted many of these feature requests have already been mentioned but I believe there is a bigger picture in that as a product management tool, Aha! needs to be able to interface company wide with Marketing, Support, Executive Leadership etc. Components like Features, Goals etc are well built out but the To-Do's limitations keep them from being a practical way to coordinate with other departments.

As a company we've been able to make significant improvements in our development processes but continually fall flat coordinating activities with other departments due to the above mentioned limitations 

  • Jeff Shood
  • Jul 11 2018
  • Future consideration
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