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Categories Features
Created by Donald Hebert
Created on Oct 12, 2023

Gantt Chart circle check-mark status is confusing

Who would benefit?

PM's and business stakeholders viewing Gantt Roadmap view

What impact would it make?

No need to create custom reports. Useability - currently too many fields to update to make Gantt view show "accurate" information

How should it work?

The circle check-mark in Gantt is currently based entirely on progress percentage being 100%. This is both confusing and redundant in its current form. User case is for users who use" manual" progress updates for Features. I was excited to see the check mark on the new Gantt. interface, but users are finding they cannot rely on it.

As it stands, when overing over the displayed checkmark, tooltip says "shipped", but the status of the Feature may not be shipped (but it could have been deemed 100% complete).

The reverse is also true. There may not be a checkmark, but the Feature is indeed shipped. In this case, maybe user did not update the Progress Bar.

Start by fixing current issue by basing it on Feature Status instead - or get rid of checkmark altogether since the Progress circle is the best indicator anyway. In the long term, different colors could be used to indicate different statuses (using defined workflow colors).

See separate related idea around the syncing of Status and Progress:

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