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Created on Jun 15, 2022

Status Indicators in Left Side Display in Gantt View

I have a schedule with many activities, displaying in Gantt view.

Some of the activities are marked 'Will not do', but it is not obvious until you click on the item and view the field. This makes it difficult when reviewing in a meeting. If there was an indicator displayed, we could just skip past it knowing it was a 'Will not do'.

I do have the Gantt workflow bars set to different colors. However, it is still inefficient to be scrolling across to see the color of the bar. Often it is off the displayed portion of the schedule.

For ‘Completed’ activities, a green-circled checkmark appears to the left of the activity name in the list of activities on the left side of view. Please reference attached file.

If an activity is marked 'Will not do' in a Gantt view (for example ‘OKRNM-71’ in attached file), is there any way to have the activity name either grayed out in the Gantt view display list or some kind of icon to appear to the left of the text -similar to what is shown when an activity is marked as Completed?

I considered marking the progress 100% for a 'Will not do' but then it shows the green-circled checkmark and I think that is misleading when you glance at the list of activities as this activity was not completed since it was not even required.

Some schedules have over a hundred items and are taken from a template. On review of a new project schedule made from the template, there are items that do not need to be done and are marked as such on initial review at project start.

I do not want to delete the ‘Will not do’ activity from the schedule. I want to keep it there to indicate that it was discussed and decided not needed for a particular project.

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