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Status Future consideration
Categories Reports
Created by Anthea W
Created on Oct 7, 2023

Default the folder and the other options when saving a view

Who would benefit?

Everyone who has hundreds of reports stored in the "All" folder and just can't find anything without using search

What impact would it make?

It would make it much easier to keep our folder structure clean and tidy and therefore easier to find reports

How should it work?

When I want to save my view, I click on Save As, and the pop-up would default the folder to something more sensible than just "All".

We often tend to use the same folder for all views in a specific workspace, so can it default to the last folder I used in the current workspace? Or if that's too complex, then default to the last folder I used.

The other options should also default to the last values I used in that workspace. Generally when I create a view I want to share it with the workspace I'm in. Why wouldn't I want to do that? So why doesn't it default to that? Similarly I would normally want others to edit, but the default option is view only.

We currently have ~200 views in our "All" folder, most of them called "Test" or "Copy of" and its because its far too easy to save something there, and then no-one really remembers if they saved something, or where they stored it so then they just create another one and it becomes a big old mess

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