Add a "Save as" option for reports

Please add a "SAVE AS" option to pivots and lists.  I normally will open a saved view, or start from wherever I left last time.  Then I make some changes to the view and want to save it as a new view.  To do this, I have to Copy it, then Edit it, which is not intuitive and doesn't give me confidence that I'm doing it correctly.  Also, I sometimes forget to follow those steps in the right order, and I end up losing the view I created.  A "Save as" option fits with how other products (ie. MS Office) allow you to save your work as something new.

  • Jonathon Leeke
  • Nov 3 2015
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    Ron Yang commented
    November 03, 2015 21:36

    This feature was recently shipped. You now have the ability to "Save as" for any reports in Aha!