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Status Already exists
Categories Jira
Created by Rachelle S
Created on Feb 9, 2023

Calculate Epic Completion Based on JIRA Epic Completion

The options to calculate the completion of an epic in Aha is only based on user stories, but there are other items in JIRA that determine how complete an epic is. It would be helpful to have the progress bar completion automatically reflect whatever is in the JIRA epic.

    Feb 13, 2023

    Thank you for your idea. It is currently possible to map the Epic % complete field in Aha! with corresponding fields in Jira. There are two mapping options available on the Jira side:

    • Epic % complete (issues completed)

    • Epic % complete (work log)

    These will be 1-way mappings from Jira to Aha! and will automatically update the progress field in Aha! to match what is in Jira.

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