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Status Future consideration
Categories Whiteboards
Created by Dale Potter
Created on Jun 27, 2022
Merged idea

This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit A-I-15488 Customize record cards -- this needs to be available for cards in whiteboard as well.

Whiteboards: Card customisation layout for objects on the whiteboard linked to existing records in Roadmaps Merged

It is possible today to have card objects on a whiteboard that are linked to existing records, such as releases, epics, ideas and features. I'd love to be able to edit the layout of the card object to expose details that are relevant to the topic we're working on in the whiteboard.

  • Guest
    Mar 19, 2024

    we would be excited about this as well - would like to be able to overlay our roadmap onto process maps to be able to visualize what parts of the process will improve over time, etc.

  • Steve Dagless
    Dec 21, 2023

    The ability to convert a pivot report to a whiteboard table is game changing for our process. We would love to see a lot more enhancement in this area but this idea is critical.

    Our aspiration is to move to a workflow that is something like the below and remove the need for Miro whilst gaining efficiency from avoiding double data entry and tediously preparing QBR and portfolio meeting boards in Miro:

    • Use whiteboard to ideate on corporate strategy and work themes for the year

    • Use whiteboard to break down annual strategy into quarterly OKRs for value streams and squads

    • Convert whiteboard objects to records, get teams to link newly created records (red thread of strategy)

    • Create pivot report showing goal rollup>goal>work with status, progress, risks etc.

    • Convert pivot to whiteboard for QBR and intervening monthly portfolio meetings, mitigate risks and blockers, review strategy, ideate on next quarter, repeat cycle.

    At present, the card misses out the key information we need to display categorisation of data and risk. For example but not limited to: market sector, region, BRAG custom fields.

    Enabling customisation of cards completes this process making the whole thing viable. It's sooo frustrating to be so close but not quite there.

  • +1