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Status Future consideration
Categories Whiteboards
Created by Joe Decker
Created on Mar 12, 2024

Whiteboard - Miro Card Functionality

Who would benefit?

Users in planning phases, not yet ready to commit future work to a Feature/Epic yet.

What impact would it make?

More information and context to a whiteboard item to determine where it should be planned.

How should it work?

Currently Miro has the ability to add a Card. The Card item supports attributes include Status, Tags, Assigned To, Description, Links and Due Dates.

Idea is that when you create a Card and are ready to convert to a Roadmap item, the attributes can also convert.

We do PI planning with many cards that we don't want in the backlog yet. Having this ability to add meta data will help us organize our planning.

Current Aha whiteboard functionality only converts title. Example Sticky Note with unstructured text can be added but have to re-enter all the information again post conversion into the corresponding structured fields.


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  • Admin
    Sarah Moisan-Thomas
    Mar 12, 2024

    Thanks for sharing this idea! Would you always want to capture the same information as you do for actual feature/epic records, or would you ever need to capture different/additional information that is only specific to the version you have in your whiteboard?

    How much of that information would you typically fill out during PI planning before committing and converting it into a feature? Would you consider converting them to Idea records to fill in details, or do you want to go directly from this whiteboard placeholder to a feature (and why)?

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