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Status Future consideration
Categories Whiteboards
Created by Ian Babelon
Created on Feb 26, 2024

Enable navigation within a whiteboard by extending 'copy link to object' feature

Who would benefit?

All whiteboard users: designers, facilitators, cross-functional teams, workshop participants, Guest users...

What impact would it make?

Improve navigation between different parts of a whiteboard, for example as part of pre-structured interaction, workshop for group discussion or ideation, comparing related content distributed across a whiteboard.

The overall impact will be improved collaboration, workshop facilitation, ideation, and customer engagement.

How should it work?

💡 The 'Copy link to object' feature in Miro enables one to simplify navigation across a whiteboard by connecting objects to each other directly within the whiteboard. This enables multiple creative uses, such as ideation, telling a story, tracing a history, and moving from one set of related objects (e.g. screenshots of competitor features) to another related set of objects somewhere else on the same whiteboard.

Example below: a linked object in Miro shows it can be clicked on by way of a blue arrow, which will take the user to another part of the board, in this particular instance it is the contents of a large whiteboard used for competitive analysis and workshop discussion.

🚩 Currently, 'Copy link to object' opens the view of an object in a new tab if one clicks on it from within a whiteboard. Therefore, 'Copy link to an object' is very useful only insofar as one wants to share a link to a specific part of a whiteboard externally on another platform. The feature is not useful to facilitate quick, pre-structured navigation across different parts of a whiteboard for workshops with colleagues and customers.

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  • Patricia Krause
    Apr 10, 2024

    In addition, I want to be able to add a link to something outside of the Whiteboard. This could include other Aha record links (vs. the related), external resources for supporting documentation, research, materials. These links could be internal or external to my organization.