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Created on May 8, 2023

Ability to link a whiteboard record to an existing record in Aha

I am loving the new whiteboard functionality and will be reviewing our use of a competitor (Miro) who has a set of similar functionality.

I appreciate that I can create a new Aha record when brainstorming in the whiteboard.

However, we often have found that we already have records that we would want link to the whiteboard data.

We have found that we are capturing our information in Aha, but then looking to visualize it in the whiteboard.

The ability to link to existing would remove duplication and more closely align all the work we want to capture in Aha and not in other solutions.

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  • Admin
    Sarah Moisan-Thomas
    May 12, 2023

    Great to hear that you are loving the new whiteboards! There are a few ways to add existing records to a whiteboard today:

    1. Add a single record: Copy the URL of any idea, feature, epic, initiative, or goal, then paste it into your whiteboard. It will add a dynamic, linked record card so you can open and update your existing record.

    2. Add records in bulk: From a Features board, Idea prioritization list, Feature prioritization list, or List report, click the Export button in the top right, and select Add to Whiteboard as shapes.

    Let us know if there are other options that would be helpful for your work in whiteboards!