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Status Future consideration
Created by Nicola Rolando
Created on Jun 7, 2022

Allow scheduled update of all linked records for DevOps

As the service hooks from DevOps to Aha are seldomly failing, it often results in having some records not in sync in Aha.

This can be solved by running an update of all the linked records from the Aha integration page, but this requires to be manually run and it may take quite some time.

It would be useful to have the possibility to schedule this operation to be performed automatically, e.g. at night time.

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  • Nicola Rolando
    Jun 9, 2022

    Hello. No, the idea is another. The hook in itself seems to be "awake", but it happens relatively often (let's say a couple of times a day) that some calls from DevOps to Aha are failing (for this topic I already spoke with support and it seems nothing can be done on Aha side). Therefore the consequence is a de-sync of the records.

    To re-sync everything I can go to the Integration settings (Settings - Workspace - "Azure Devops Service") and request a full refresh of the data from DevOps, by clicking the button "Update records".

    The idea is therefore to be able to schedule this operation to take place, e.g. 2am every day, so that in the morning I'm always sure that all the data is synchronized.

  • Admin
    Nathaniel Collum
    Jun 8, 2022

    Thanks for sharing this idea! We want to make sure we fully understand the request: is the idea that we would regularly push an update request on the Aha! side to keep the service hook "awake" on the DevOps side?