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Status Future consideration
Categories Integrations
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 22, 2024

Scheduled Recurring Sync for Integration

Who would benefit?

Aha administrators, anyone responsible for maintaining integrations/records between systems

What impact would it make?

Reduce potential issues with integration records not always synching as expected, resulting in inaccurate or outdated information displaying on a record

How should it work?

Provide the ability to set the 'update records' synch on an integration to kick off at scheduled times and/or intervals. This would help ensure records are always up-to-date, and reduce instances of record updates not properly synching between systems.

For example, Integration XYZ in XYZ workspace could be set to automatically 'update records' every Sunday at 9PM.

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  • Admin
    Austin Merritt
    Jan 26, 2024

    Hi there, thank you for your idea. Are you expecting this to be a fail safe of sorts? So the integration updates would still happen live, but then once a week the integration would automatically sync to catch anything that may have been missed.

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