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Created by Alok Dath
Created on Oct 11, 2021

Provide an API end point for "Updates records" function inside the Integration

We use the "Update records" button in Aha! to bring the latest data from Jira into Aha! As we have already got the records linked between Aha! and Jira and we are not looking for using a webhook.

The challenge, however, is that, the individual workspace owner has to go and do this sync manually in order to update the records in Aha. If there was an API call, it would be easier for us to schedule this periodically. Generally, it makes sense to have an API end point for anything that can be done using UI. Please consider this and let me know in case of any questions. You can also reach out to Dale Potter from your customer service or checkout request (660762) in case you need more information.

    Aug 17, 2023

    It is possible to trigger the "Update Records" action from the API.

    The endpoint is POST/api/v1/integrations/:id/sync where :id is the actual integration ID.

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