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Created on Jan 31, 2022

Tube Map: Roadmap Visualisation

We use tube maps to communicate to senior leaders the complexity and amount of work ongoing within our department.

The visualisation looks like a London Underground map and we create them using the Miro template at
Each service or workstream is a line and each milestone is a station, where there are dependencies, the lines intersect.

Tube maps are a great way to illustrate a high level picture of how a user might navigate a service / journey / experience. People just seem to "grok" them.
They are made from lines and circles, nothing more complicated than that.

Including this visualisation option within Aha will be greatly beneficial as more companies are looking for alternatives to Gantt charts.

" comes as a need to have a strong visualisation tool to communicate the important deadlines, deliverables and interactions to the involved team members. This is where the Project Tube Map reveals its usefulness..."

..Traditional project plans, flyers, and mails did not manage to get the attention, did present overview and detail insufficiently, and did not motivate the employees for actions...
..The Tube Map Visualization illustrates the whole project, where each tube line represents a target group and each station a milestone...

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