As a Product Owner, I need a Strategy Roadmap that shows Initiatives in the Gantt Chart with linked Features beneath each Initiative in the Chart, so I can see where each feature fits within the duration of each Initiative

Each Initiative has features linked to it. As I present the features that we have planned for each initiative I need to be able to show that the feature work will fit within the planned initiative timeframe. Also, when I describe each initiative, I use the features to flesh out the details of the initiative. Currently, when I present this in AHA, I have to use one chart for features and another chart for initiatives and it makes for a disjointed presentation.

  • Randon Morford
  • Feb 8 2018
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  • Randon Morford commented
    February 8, 2018 17:47

    The Releases Roadmap behaves how I would like to see a Initiatives and Features together. If I could replace releases with Initiatives, the roadmap would be perfect.