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Created on Jan 20, 2022

Notification for external Portal Users of new Ideas.

My external users (customers) would like a summary of new Ideas submitted each week to know if there is anything they may want to look further into or vote on.

    Jun 20, 2023

    Drive more engagement in your ideas portal

    You can now send customers a weekly summary of activity in your ideas portal and encourage them to share more feedback. Enable this new email in your portal's email settings. Read more.

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  • N Uthke
    Apr 13, 2022

    I absolutely agree with this need. One customer new to using the Aha! Ideas tool said: "Daily Digest options have been available for over a decade on comment/community sites like this so we aren't talking about a wild innovation. "

  • Nigel Lawrence
    Apr 8, 2022

    Seeing string relationship with
    As I said there, we're receiving strong customer feedback that is frustrated by the limited nature of subscriptions in a portal. They'd like summary digest and ability to follow a specific product and filter to only get notified of new ideas.