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Status Future consideration
Categories Ideas portal
Created by Benoit WAMBERGUE
Created on Dec 13, 2019

News since your last visit

My portal users would like to see what has changed since they last came:

- What new ideas have been posted

- What comments on ideas you haven't

- What changes in status


Even though they did not follow the idea (for instance: you do not want to subscribe to the 2200 ideas in, but would like to see what has recently been moved to Planning to implement or Shipped).

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  • Chris Eichermüller
    Feb 5, 2021

    To exand on this:

    Which ideas I:

    • subscribe to

    • Voted on

    • created

    have been:

    • Voted on

    • Commented on by other users

    • Commented on by Product managers (aha users)

    • My ideas have been merged with another

    • have a status change

    • have an admin response

  • Nerissa Muijs
    Jan 13, 2020

    Our users would also love to be able to see something similar.