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Created by Josh Wayne
Created on Jan 11, 2022

Description Template for Requirements and Features

in effort to promote best practices with feature and requirement writing, it would be helpful to configure a template for descriptions.

As we onboard new Product Managers, and centralize our product management practices, we are looking to improve the consistency in the way features and requirements are handed off to development.

Rather than creating custom fields for this, we would prefer to simply have some section headers automatically appear within the feature or requirement to give the PM an easier starting point. Here is an example of what we are thinking for requirements. The helper text may or may not be there. The PM would simply fill in the sections. They could add or remove sections as necessary for their particular needs


Some history and background of why we are introducing a change or creating something new. Brief insights as to how this requirement may connect to other activities or development work


Overview of the requirement and what is intended to be solved. The overarching goal of this particular requirement


Specific information for the requirement. i.e. "The ability to..."

Assumptions & Constraints

Helpful information for the development, QA, and release teams regarding things that are assumed to be true as well as things that cannot be changed by this requirement

    Jan 11, 2022

    Thank you for your idea. This is currently possible. This article provides more guidance on how to set this up.

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  • Gilly Dekel
    Sep 10, 2023

    I'm not sure I agree that this is acheiving the ask - You can provide a guideline on language, but if you really want structure it all has to go into custom fields , and then there are piles of those. The document template available for notes would in the description of a feature would be useful here

  • Josh Wayne
    Jan 11, 2022

    I apologize, I didn't know where the configuration was for this. Finally found it.