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Status Future consideration
Categories Account settings
Created by Karla Johnson
Created on Jan 7, 2022

Allow ability to limit valid values in Feature fields to only display relevant values for the workspace.

When defining features in a workspace, you should only need access to utilize valid values from selected workspaces. Each workspace owner defines and reports on their valid values very differently. When all valid values from every workspace are displayed, it makes it near impossible to find the correct value and opens up lots of room for error. I'd like to be able to configure my workspace to exclude certain workspace valid values to only display the relevant codes and remove the room for error.

Use Case:

1) Capabilities - Capabilities have a massive list of valid values and unless you know the workspace code (which most users will not) you can't filter down to just the workspace values to scroll through. I get a message stating there are too many values to display and I can't even reach my workspace if it is closer to the bottom of the list.

2) Releases - Within a workspace, there is a need to only schedule utilizing the defined workspace release structure. Many workspaces utilize similar naming conventions so if someone doesn't understand that they have to only select from their workspace, they pick a seemingly valid release but it is in another workspace therefore it is excluded from the workspace reporting.

3) Initiatives - I understand that we are needing to utilize Initiatives across workspaces sometimes so if it could be configurable to select which workspace valid values are visible within a particular workspace. For instance, I may need to link to a roll-up workspace but I shouldn't link to a completely different product line.

Note: We have had many instances where someone selects a value from a workspace on accident that they only have reviewer access too and then a ticket must be opened to change the value to a valid value from the appropriate workspace.

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