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Status Future consideration
Created by jessica howard
Created on Dec 7, 2021

Ability to capture & report on the number of comments received during a specified time period

Currently, you can capture & report on how many ideas are received [within a specified time frame]. It would also be helpful if we could capture & report on how many public comments are received [within a specified time frame].

It can be difficult to secure the needed resources to successfully manage an idea portal. This is often based on your ability to accurately demonstrate your workload. Until Aha! captures client comments & reports on this data like they do Ideas, there's no way to account for the time spent responding to clients.

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  • jessica howard
    Oct 6, 2023

    Almost 2 years later & we still struggle with this daily.

    Another challenge not having comment data points that can be surfaced in reporting is this:
    I see the idea comments because my Aha Homepage is the Idea Overview page. However, due to the reporting limitations, there is no way for me to surface these comments in a dashboard for each product portfolio or display them in a report for a product owner tasked with a specific project. This means the people who have the knowledge (product owners, product managers, strategy team, etc.) to reply to client comments don't see them.

    Can someone explain to me how Idea Comments are supposed to be surfaced to the appropriate team/managed? I would love to understand the best practice &/or anticipated workflow to manage comments.

    Thank you!

  • Tom Gallo
    Jan 14, 2022

    I vote for this. If we were able to report on the date of the comment, this would be extremely help.