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Status Future consideration
Categories Strategy
Created by Daniel Pokrývka
Created on Oct 10, 2021

Initiative chart visuals and UX

Dear all,

I believe we will all agree that Initiative chart UX is way too basic and probably did not change since its pre-alpha superb SEMI-MVP.. :-).

I would appreciate greatly if there would be a bit more evolution in the chart done. I don't think it has to have features like Miroboard or others, but would be nice if few more fields could be visualised, at least:

1] timeframe field >>
when showing a value/effort matrix, it would be great to see when are we going to address which initiative (simple "left to right" approach does not always apply due to regulatory initiatives, dependencies etc.)

2] some effort field >> e.g. custom field complexity estimate with t-shirt sized

3] some value field >> e.g. field showing WSJF or other value based label like EUR XYZ

Feedback I got from businesses working with the canvas is this> that's "ugly". And then they go ahead and create something even uglier in paintbrush :D

Please help.

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