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Status Future consideration
Categories Ideas portal
Created by Dave Tucker
Created on Jul 7, 2021

Show shipped ideas in ideas portal category metrics as they are currently excluded

It seems odd to me that the ideas portal category filter metrics exclude the number of shipped ideas. In effect, if you had shipped 100 ideas for a particular category and had no ideas in other statuses, the category filter metric would show no ideas against that category.

Surely the user clicks on a filter category to see ALL ideas in that category irrespective of the status. If they then want to additionally filter by status they can.

Currently if you click on a category filter the volumetric number shown does not match the numbers that then appear in the status filter.

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  • Vadim Aniskin
    Sep 2, 2022

    Beth Baker,

    thank you so much for the workaround you described in your comment below, this comment helped me to overcome the issue we had on our Ideas Portal due to this odd exclusion of shipped ideas from all metrics that was implemented by Aha!.

  • Vadim Aniskin
    Aug 30, 2022

    I agree, it's very important for users to see that the portal really influences the development of the product. And the best option I believe is to show them the amount of "Shipped" ideas.

  • Jacqueline Chen
    Aug 29, 2022

    I also agreed that the shipped ideas should not be hidden by default on the Ideas portal. Reasons are:

    1. PMs want to claim the wins! Otherwise when users who log in to the ideas portal always see the ideas that are either in progress or have not been shipped, which may make them think that NO ideas have been shipped... This makes PMs look bad!

    2. From PM's perspective, I'd be like our users to quickly find all "shipped" ideas and be self-sufficient on the Ideas Portal without my engagement.

    3. I agree that adding a custom page in the Ideas portal to show all shipped ideas is a great feature, but it is based on the assumption that the organization allows publishing Notes, Roadmaps, and other views or pages as webpage, etc. - which is not my case and probably not the case for any organization that wants more control of what's public (not all enterprises are that transparent), and additionally it needs more work and setup by PM; While the filter for the "shipped" status already exists (but hidden....). By noting that it is "hidden by default" makes users believe that there is a way to NOT to use the default but make it unhidden.

  • Beth Baker
    Mar 31, 2022

    Hello! A good workaround for this issue is to leave the Status Category blank on the 'Shipped' status. Having it set up as I have in my example, Status Category = Shipped will suppress shipped ideas from your metrics. You'll also want to make sure shipped ideas are set to show in the portal. I was testing this setting to try and get rid of the 'hidden by default' message that shows next to the shipped status when you filter by status. Blanking the Status Category resolves that issue, but we have voting limits set up on our portal, and if the Shipped status isn't mapped to the category of Shipped it doesn't 'give back' the allocated votes when I ship a feature. Anyway, this solution didn't end up working for me, and wanted to offer it to others if you're not using voting limits, seems to be a good workaround.

    Thank you,
    Beth Baker

  • Luke Kadillak
    Jul 23, 2021

    Agreed. I prefer to keep all our Shipped Ideas front and center with our customers and not hidden by default. I would suggest you at least create a setting that allows me to choose whether or not I want shipped ideas hidden/visible by default.

  • Eli Cohen
    Jul 11, 2021

    Shipped is very good way for our customers to view their idea when it was shipped. Currently it is possible only via direct link. It is not available on the dashboard.

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