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Status Future consideration
Categories Branding
Created by Vadim Solovey
Created on May 17, 2021

Remove Aha branding from widgets

Please remove Aha branding from the widgets

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  • Bill Cooey
    Mar 9, 2022

    While I don't mind it personally, I do know that when our customers have a link to click through they will stumble through it, which leads to confusion and potential review. Since we work with private, personal, and sometimes health information (none of which will go in Aha), just having a link to an outside service will brings up yet another question that we will have to answer, regardless of privacy and terms of service being in place.

  • Guest
    Dec 7, 2021

    Although I love the application - I have a challenge in getting my company to call the software by its name. This is a UK localism and is due to the fact that there is fictitious character made famous by the comedian and writer Steve Coogan throughout the 90's and 00's, called Alan Partridge, who's catchphrase is "Aha!". Example here:

    It's seems an insignificant thing but it's a barrier to wider adoption for certain members of the team who are at a certain age!

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remove Aha! branding from in-app idea widget

Right now, the in-app idea submission widget has an Aha! logo. That doesn't meet our needs.
Kevin Simon about 2 years ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration