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Created by Katie Richie
Created on May 13, 2021

Inherit Feature Initiative from Epic

Request: We would benefit immensely if we had the option to inherit the Feature Initiative from the Epic and would like this to be a setting we could configure for our Workspaces.


We do not have any instances where a Feature would not have the same Initiative as it's Epic. This is a 1:1 relationship.

In many cases, we align Epics to our strategic priorities via Initiatives. We plan at the Epic level and then break down those headlines into Features over time. The Epic is associated to the Initiative. The Feature is not.

In many cases, we align Features to our strategic priorities via Initiatives and plan at the Feature level. In these cases, the Feature is associated to the Initiative.

Problem Statements:

In the case where the Epic is associated to the Initiative, the user cannot see the associated Initiative in the Feature Details view. This is the case on the Feature Board via the Feature Card layout as well. This makes it difficult to prioritize b/c the PM cannot see the strategic priority in this view.

Portfolio-wide Reporting is a challenge since we give PMs autonomy to use Epics or Features for aligning their work to Initiatives. This manifests in two ways:

1) When creating an Initiative-based Report, i.e. I want to see ALL work aligned to an Initiative, because the relationship can be at both the Epic and Feature level, a single report is not sufficient.

2) When created a Feature-based report, i.e. I am auditing to ensure that ALL Features are associated to an Initiative, I have to generate 2 reports and then compare in Excel to ensure I don't omit the Epic/Initiative association or Feature/Initiative association.


We believe this recommendation is the lowest impact b/c it is a setting that can be controlled by the Client and works similarly to other Workspace "inheritance" settings at the workspace level.

Finally, please. :)

    Mar 25, 2023

    You can now create automation rules for epics to copy the epic's initiative to its child features.

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