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Status Future consideration
Categories Ideas portal
Created by Kelly Sebes
Created on Mar 2, 2021

In-app idea widget works with private portals

We already have a private portal and would like the in-app idea widget to work with it. That would be better for us than creating and managing a new submit-only portal just for running the widget.

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  • Martin W
    Jun 4, 2024

    We face the same issue. We need to be able to restrict the Ideas Portal we have created recently to selected customers and therefore a public type is not appropriate. We looked at the submit only type but that prevents customer collaboration and comment/ voting which makes that inappropriate too. As a consequence the only feedback loop we have is indirect communication (e.g. email/ phone) which does not get tracked on the portal itself or we have tried polls but the restriction here is that only a single question can be asked for each poll (customer feedback was negative on this option).

    The in-app feedback widget is a perfect way of recording a conversation and converting that to an idea. It does not make sense to NOT make this availlable in a private portal

  • Mary Vanausdale
    Jan 6, 2023

    Without this ability we will be forced to create a separate submit only portal - which is not effective in gathering customer feedback on value from more than 1 customer. This hugely undermines the value of the widget.

  • Keith L
    Jan 4, 2023

    This issue is currently preventing us from using the in-app feedback widget.

  • Nolan Cain
    Apr 19, 2022

    This also prevents submitters from getting notifications on their ideas. This makes the widget significantly less valuable.

  • Julius Schneider
    May 6, 2021

    This would be very helpful, not sure why this isn't an option by default.